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SIUM 2020

Bitte beachten Sie! Nach einem erfolgreichen deutschsprachigen Anwendertreffen 2018 und einem gut besuchten Kundenevent auf der K2019 veranstaltet die SIGMA in diesem Jahr wieder ein internationales Anwendertreffen. Zu diesem Event sind unsere Kunden aus aller Welt herzlich eingeladen. Die komplette Veranstaltung findet deshalb auf Englisch statt.


We cordially invite you to attend the SIGMASOFT® International User Meeting 2020. Here you can catch up on the latest developments of SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding and meet other users from all over the world. This year’s SIUM will take place in the Maritim Hotel in Munich.

Link Insight to Decision – Today, simulation is already well established in most companies. But if it is just another checkmark in the product requirement specification, the generated information is not utilized reasonably. The goal in using simulation is to gain insights from the generated information and to turn these insights into decisions.

The SIUM 2020 will be all about how SIGMASOFT® users best utilize simulation results for internal as well as external communication and, thus, ultimately base their decisions on a sound basis of information. With our tools, dedicated trainings and services we support our users in this approach. You can expect dedicated sessions to share experiences, news and successful applications with other users and the SIGMA team. Of course, we will also provide you an insight into future developments of SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding.   

In addition to the formal program, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our unofficial welcome evening on November 3rd, 2020.

Save the date:
SIGMASOFT® International User Meeting 2020
November 4th – 5th, 2020


Call for Papers: Presentations of our SIGMASOFT® users are an essential part of our user meetings. Take this opportunity to share your work by making a presentation and receive feedback from other users worldwide. Please send your title and a short abstract (1/2 page) until July 31st, 2020, to: E-Mail anzeigen


Due to the current situation with the Corona virus and the accompanying uncertainties regarding travel, the registration for the SIUM is not yet opened. We will monitor the situation and all developments and official decisions regarding travel and meetings carefully and will update you with more information as soon as possible. From the current status we still want to be optimistic the SIGMASOFT® International User Meeting 2020 will take place in November.

Application SIGMA Award

At this year’s SIUM you will have the chance again to win the SIGMA Award. This gives you the chance to save ready cash on your next maintenance or upgrade. Please refer to the below documents for more information on the SIGMA Award, on how to apply and on the criteria based on which the SIGMA Award will be bestowed. The second document provides the official Terms & Conditions of the SIGMA Award.

If you have any questions not answered in the information document or the Terms & Conditions or if you want to apply for the SIGMA Award, please contact the award committee over E-Mail anzeigen.  

SIGMA Award 2020 - Information


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