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Press Kit K 2019


This press kit contains the following press releases in English, German, French and Spanish:

  • SIGMA at K 2019: Utilizing Virtual DoE over the Entire Development Process
  • SIGMA Makes First Steps in Extrusion Simulation
  • Multicomponent Applications: Widening the Process Window via Virtual DoE
  • Less Deformed Parts by an Optimized Tempering Layout
  • Injection Molds: Easier Decisions in Mold Design Using Virtual Molding
  • SIGMA Teaches Injection Molding Know-How for Process Optimization (only in EN & DE)


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For 20 years we are the expert on all kinds of injection molding simulation. From part to process we help to optimize plastic, rubber, thermoset and PIM applications. Here you can learn more about the company behind SIGMASOFT®.

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