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SIGMA technical talks

April 27, 2021   |   Online

Following the successful launch of the SIGMA technical talks, they are now becoming multilingual.

The web seminars that inform you about the potentials and applications of modern injection molding simulation. Exclusive presentations by various partners generate an overview and provide insight into many different industries.

Tuesday: 18.5.21 Elastomer/LSR (french)

Tuesday: 8.6.21 Thermoplastics (german)

Thursday: 10.6.21 Investment Casting (english)

Tuesday: 15.6.21 LSR (portuguese)


Previous Events:

Tuesday: 16.2.21 Elastomer (german)

Thursday: 18.2.21 Elastomer (english)

Tuesday: 23.2.21 LSR (german)

Thursday: 25.2.21 LSR (english)

Tuesday: 02.03.21 Thermoplast (english)

Thursday: 04.03.21 Thermoplast (english) 

Thursday: 09.03.21 MIM/CIM (english)


If you have any questions about the events, please feel free to contact

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