Determining the Optimum Heating Concept for BMC


Determining the Optimum Heating Concept for BMC

Simple Answers to Complex Questions in Mold Design: To be able to cost efficiently design complex molds, e.g. for BMC components, it is essential to take into account the mold cooling. Thus the mold costs increase in a linear relationship with the number of heating cartridges provided. It is therefore desirable to aim for as few cartridges as possible, but at the same time, this can have a disadvantageous effect on the homogeneity of the temperature distribution and the robustness of the process. Until now, these conflicting goals were largely resolved based on experience. But it can also be done systematically.

Kunststoffe international 12/2017, page 30-33

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Fixed (left) and moving (right) half of a two-cavity mold for headlamp reflectors of BMC