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New Version of SIGMASOFT® Released

We are happy to announce the latest release of our software SIGMASOFT®. Since a few weeks our customers can work with the latest version SIGMASOFT® v5.3.1 which not only contains the new simulation mode for compression molding processes, but also several improvements and enhancements for thermoplastic and multi-component applications.

The prediction of warpage was improved further as the calculation of shrinkage and distortion are essential for the correct design of plastic parts. Additionally, the new version introduces additional criteria to make the evaluation of the shrinkage and warpage behavior more precise and user-friendly. There were also new results introduced to allow an easier evaluation of the filling behavior. For elastomers and thermosets, we also added a new additional result to improve the interpretation of the curing reaction.

Another area with many improvements is located in the material data base. With the introduction of different new material models the prediction of the material behavior of elastomers and thermosets as well as unfilled and filled thermoplastics is now more precise.

The new simulation mode to simulate compression molding processes of elastomers was developed with continuous advice and validation through our customers. In compression molding the material is placed between fixed and movable half, which is then pressed against the fixed half and thus molds the material into the final shape of the desired part. SIGMASOFT® v5.3.1 allows the users to investigate questions on the number, shape, weight and position of preforms as well as on the thermal mold behavior and part properties as they are used to from the injection molding simulation.

In addition to the enhancements mentioned before, the latest release also includes a number of improvements on usability and performance of SIGMASOFT®, thus giving the users not only improved results but also a better working experience. This also includes the sharing of results via SIGMAinteract, which received a few new functionalities to make the discussion about simulation results with colleagues and customers even more effortless.

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