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China Rubber Industry, Issue 09/2018, page 965-970


Research on Application of Simulation Analysis Technology in Vulcanization Time Design of a Rubber Spring

Authors: LIU Baibing, WEN Taidou, BU Jiling, XIE Yanfei, and LI Bin (Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, 412007, P.R. China)

This paper briefly describes the principles and methods of calculating the vulcanization time of rubber products using a traditional empirical method and a simulation analysis approach.  A rubber auxiliary spring was used as an example, and its optimal vulcanization time was calculated via the two aforementioned strategies.  The results from calculation were compared with and verified by experimental measurements of the swelling index and vertical stiffness of the products.  The results demonstrate that the simulation analysis approach can better predict the curing degree of rubber and reduce the number of production trials and the cost of product development.  This study provides a new research direction for subsequent engineering application of vulcanization process parameter design.

  • This paper was first published in China Rubber Industry, Issue 09/2018, page 965-970, in Chinese and was afterwards translated into English for the SIGMASOFT® website.


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