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DKT 2024 - Thank you for your visit!

SIGMA can look back on a successful DKT.

SIGMA presented the pre-announcement of SIGMASOFT® 6.1.1, which is being developed especially for the elastomer industry, and showed several trade fair projects. Two applications that were simulated in advance with SIGMASOFT® were running at the ENGEL stand.

One project is the sieve star, which is produced with material from Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff, the mold from EFI Formenbau and the machine from ENGEL.

The other project is a slotted infusion valve from Psilikon, which ran on the Engel machine with the mold and dosing system from Nexus Elastomer Systems.

The SIGMA team would like to thank all visitors.

 (c) SIGMA Engineering GmbH