"Faster, higher, stronger" - not only in sports

The world is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. As always, the motto is: "Faster, higher, stronger...". In reality, however, the same challenge waits every day at work. In the ongoing competition for the best product, the competition already starts with the line-up at the starting block - the development. In order to win over the product life cycle, the start must be a success. After that, it's all about speed, efficiency and endurance.

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Speed in injection molding is achieved by fast hardware, advanced raw materials but mostly by optimization. SIGMASOFT Virtual Molding allows qualified and detailed calculations of concepts and ideas for improvement - already in the design phase. Shortening the development phase is a good condition for a successful start. Ideas and designs can be laid out virtually and checked for suitability. Injection molding materials are also compared automatically, resulting in an overview showing which material is best for the optimized design - thanks to Autonomous Optimization.

Increasing efficiency begins with the virtual design of the process. But not only that - in addition, unplanned manufacturing costs can be avoided in advance. For example, waste can be minimized to save material, undercuts, demolding perfomance as well as the optimal batch size are evaluated. The advantage is: this optimization does not need a running machine. This saves time, money and tedious trial-and-error.

With perseverance in design and planning, you get a sustainable and efficient process, with reproducible quality at optimal energy and material consumption. Knowing beforehand what will happen afterwards is worth the extra effort of simulation, not only for high running articles. So speed, efficiency and endurance are not only important in sports.

On July 24th, the Olympic flame will be ignited in Tokyo. But already tomorrow may be the start of your personal race to find the next successful solution to a customer request.