The proof of the pudding - systematic DoE identifies and evaluates alternative solutions

The first steps new users usually take in simulation with SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding are recalculating existing processes. These have usually developed over many years of experience with similar parts in the respective company. The great similarity between simulation results and reality then encourages users to develop new processes for other parts. Here, too, it is usually possible to implement in reality exactly what the calculation promised. This is particularly important in the proposal phase, when cost estimates determine the profit or loss of a project at an early stage.

But this way of working only recalculated what experienced developers have successfully decided in other cases. No optimization has yet been carried out, and hidden savings potential in material usage, cycle time, energy consumption, etc. is thus still unknown. These can be found through systematic trials, however. What would be completely unrealistic in reality – such as running and evaluating a series of tests with three materials, five different gate positions and ten different machine settings - is quite easy with SIGMASOFT®. The resulting 150 trials are run together and systematically in one calculation.

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With 150 results in hand, it still remains difficult to find the best result. This is where the unique SIGMASOFT® Autonomous Optimization evaluation scheme helps to keep track. The best solutions can have different priorities, be it energy consumption, cycle time or material usage. A wide variety of parameters can then be adjusted with sliders in a parallel coordinate system, and depending on the focus, the best solution in each case is quickly identified. With SIGMAinteract®, which is available free of charge, the results found can be interactively displayed and discussed with colleagues and the industry network. The qualified engineers in our Solution Service also support you in your search for shorter paths to a better goal.

Autonomous Optimization: You specify the goals and SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding finds the optimal way to achieve them - autonomously.