SIGMASOFT® International User Meeting 2023

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This year our international user meeting is coming up again. Here you can find all information and the registration.

User Meeting

Have you always wanted to know what it's like behind the scenes?

At the user meeting for our customers, we offer you the opportunity to gain insights into our work at SIGMA and to get to know the team. A look behind the scenes will give you an insight into the long-term development goals of SIGMASOFT®.

Exchange ideas with us and other customers and get an impression of their projects and the application potentials of SIGMASOFT® through presentations.

We enjoy the personal exchange with our customers. In addition to the technical exchange, a supporting program is always provided.



We enjoy the personal and professional exchange with our users.



National – SIGMASOFT® Anwendertreffen (SAT)

At the national user meeting, our customers from the D-A-CH region meet for a German-speaking event. Usually we meet in Aachen and show you the home of SIGMA.


International – SIGMASOFT® International User Meeting (SIUM)

The SIGMASOFT® International User Meeting is an event for all SIGMA customers around the world. At this user meeting you will have the chance to meet not only the employees from the headquarters, but also colleagues worldwide. External keynote speakers and presentations from our customers form the basis and a tour of the city where the user meeting takes place rounds off the event.

The crowning glory is the presentation of the SIGMA Award.



The SIGMA Award is presented to customers who were able to significantly reduce the production costs or resources required to complete a project using SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding. We have now been involved in so many projects and have been able to observe how our customers push the software's capabilities to the limit and find innovative solutions.

With the SIGMA Award, we would like to honor exactly these projects, in which complex problems are solved and challenging questions are answered with the help of SIGMASOFT®.

The first SIGMA Award was presented at the international user meeting in 2017. Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH was chosen as the winner, and a second award was presented to Speedturtle.



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