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About SIGMA academy

We offer a wide spectrum of SIGMASOFT® training sessions where our users learn to handle the software effectively and reliably.

By presenting our SIGMASOFT® Concept we aim to provide an impulse to develop a strategy for the systematic and efficient use of SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding.

Our training sessions will focus around the following questions:

  • How can you reach a solid process layout and optimize processes with the help of SIGMASOFT®?
  • What criteria can be used to measure the improvements?
  • How can you compare processes utilizing SIGMASOFT® results?
  • What actions can you take when implementing improvements based on SIGMASOFT® results?
  • What actions can you take based on the results and how can you track their implementation?

By systematically adopting the SIGMASOFT® Concept, you learn about the target-oriented use of SIGMASOFT®.

By limiting the maximum group size to six participants we want to ensure that the training is as individual and focused as possible. In different specific training courses, which are partly based on each other, you will be able to learn about very different aspects of SIGMASOFT® and use them efficiently.

The Basic Training Course is mandatory and forms the basis of necessary knowledge which is needed to participate in one of the advanced courses (e.g. for Stress I Basic, Stress II Advanced, DoE I Basic).

By taking these training courses, you will learn how to use simulation and Autonomous Optimization for specific injection molding processes as well as for specific materials based on practical examples.

All training courses are offered in German and English language.


For more information about our trainings and the next planned training dates, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you want to register for a training, please use the following information to get in touch:

Phone: +49 241 89 495 1002
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