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Successful SIGMASOFT® User Meeting 2018

SIGMA looks back on a successful German user meeting. With a total of 120 participants it was the biggest meeting of SIGMASOFT® users up to now. “We are very glad to experience rising numbers of registrations for each user meeting. Also, the very high number of participants, who join us repeated times, is an indicator we provide interesting topics to our users and they value the possibility to exchange experiences with other users”, says Thomas Klein, General Manager of SIGMA.

 (c) SIGMA Engineering GmbH

About 120 participants met in the conference rooms of the soccer stadium Aachen Tivoli for the German SIGMASOFT® User Meeting.

The users themselves significantly contribute to this exchange of experiences. In this year again, the main part of the agenda consisted of user presentations. Here the focus lay on how the different companies use the software in their daily work. “User presentations are a key component of our user meetings. The users give each other new ideas and show each other functionalities, which they have not used very frequently up to this point. And we from SIGMA also always learn things from a different point of view and see details, which we have not thought about before”, adds SIGMA CTO Timo Gebauer.

For this reason, SIGMA again would like to thank all participants and especially those users who gave a presentation to allow a glimpse into their work. We already look forward to the next international user meeting, which will take place in 2020.