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SIGMA organizes focus day in collaboration with the VDI

SIGMA collaborates with the VDI for the first time, organizing a focus day about material data and its influence on the simulation. In addition to our SIGMA colleagues, DUFNER.MDT GmbH and GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik GmbH also contribute to the program.

This focus day “Revealing hidden potentials in injection molding: Understanding materials improves parts, molds and simulation” takes place in Nuremberg on May 14th, 2019. Participants gain deeper understanding of polymer material characteristics and their impact on the production process by means of practically relevant questions, such as:

  • Pressure demand – which material characteristics, besides the MFI, describe flow properties relevant for the process?
  • Cooling time – more than just a question of wall thickness?
  • Understanding warpage – what are the driving factors?

The goal helping to develop a deeper understanding of material and process, enabling the participants to avoid trial-and-error on the machine and to improve their process prediction. For this purpose, specific recommendations will be compiled to support the design of parts, molds and processes. Furthermore, the possibility of providing security of these recommendations with the help of simulation from the start of the product development will be shown.

In order to design parts and processes optimally and to understand their correlation, the thermic, rheologic and mechanic material properties are of equal importance. For this reason, the influence of these different properties on the injection molding process and part quality will be considered as well as acquisition of plastic property data. The program will be topped off with practical plastic knowledge.

Interested parties can register for the focus day over the VDI website.

You have another appointment on the 14th of May and cannot make it to Nuremberg? Check the numerous events we are also participating in during the months ahead.