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SIGMA Offers New Special Training Course

Starting in the spring of 2020, SIGMA Engineering offers a new training course for SIGMASOFT® users. The first dates for the “Simulation Strategies” training are available in March.

The training is aimed at users who already completed the SIGMASOFT® Basic Training and gained a little experience in setting up projects in their daily work. During the course these users will learn how to utilize SIGMASOFT® in the best way to answer their questions in different stages of the project.

Starting with the quotation phase over the design of part and mold up to the start of production, the training course will provide guidelines to the users. These will answer frequently asked questions like which geometries to include in the analysis, which type of calculation to choose and which results to evaluate to answer the questions specific for each project phase.

The aim is to integrate the work with SIGMASOFT® into daily workflows more easily by providing a systematic approach on how to use article simulation, virtual DoE and Virtual Molding.

If you are interested in this training, make sure to check on our Academy website for the next available training dates.

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