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DKT 2018 - Thank you for visiting us!

SIGMA Engineering GmbH looks back on a successful DKT 2018. With our new and bigger booth in a new position we welcomed a high number of visitors. We look back on many interesting discussions about the simulation of rubber injection processes in general, but also on specifics like necessary material data or transfer molding processes.

The calculations of two projects, which also ran live at the show, were an eye catcher at the SIGMA booth. In cooperation with LWB Steinl we ran the simulation of an ashtray. The real and virtual molding of this part could be seen live at the booth at LWB Steinl.

On the booth of MAPLAN simulation and real process could also be experienced in parallel The thermal layout of the mold and filling and curing of the popular luggage tag produced at the MAPLAN booth were visualized by our SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding software.

“A very satisfying show lies behind us. With many inspiring talks that we had with interested visitors at our booth. We are already looking forward to be part of this important event again in 2021”, explains SIGMA CEO Thomas Klein.

Until then we thank you again for your visit and hope to welcome you once again at our booth in 2021.

Our team had interesting talks on the SIGMA booth during DKT 2018 (c) SIGMA Engineering GmbH