SIGMASOFT® Thermoplast

As the only software package available in the market to effortlessly integrate the complete mold information within the simulation, SIGMASOFT® delivers an unmatched degree of accuracy in the molding behavior prediction of thermoplastic materials. Beginning with a simple part design followed by first concepts for tempering layouts up to virtually testing

SIGMASOFT® Elastomer

SIGMASOFT® is the market leader in the simulation of elastomeric materials. Beyond the simulation of filling and curing, it is the only software in the market able to effortlessly integrate the complete mold information within the simulation, so that the impact of tempering concepts, processing times and inserts can be evaluated.

SIGMASOFT® Thermoset

SIGMASOFT® is the most complete and accurate simulation software package currently available to simulate the processing of thermosets, both for injection and mold-transfer processes. Beyond the prediction of filling and curing behavior, its highly sophisticated 3D solver technology allows to simulate also complex effects, such as jetting or plug-flow. As the


Simulation is establishing itself as one of the most innovative technologies in Powder Injection Molding, as it has proved to drastically reduce the development time for new parts and the costs associated with iterations in the production of new molds. With unique features developed specifically for the PIM industry and


Technically, the roots of SIGMASOFT® go back to a MAGMA R&D project in the mid-1990s, which was focused on a new coupled heat flow / fluid flow solver for non-Newtonian flow of semi-solid aluminum. Today, after 20 years of ongoing development, the SIGMASOFT® Thixo module allows the prediction of all


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