Plastics Applications

Learn how to obtain first shot success in the design of plastic parts: from the selection of the best gating system, over the evaluation of a tempering concept up to the design of a complete mold, SIGMASOFT® delivers fast and reliable answers, to help you select the best solutions and avoid troubleshooting.

Elastomer Applications

Optimize your elastomer or LSR application: runner balancing, weld line effects, air bubbles or curing degree can be accurately predicted. But go one step further, and look also into your complete mold with SIGMASOFT®: how is your tempering working? Could you save energy or cycle time? Let us show you how to reduce your production costs using Virtual Molding.

Thermoset Applications

The molding of thermoset applications demands a careful balance between part design, processing conditions and tempering design. Trial-and-error is not the only method to find this balance: SIGMASOFT® can take you faster to your production goal –and bring you substantial savings on the way there!

MIM and CIM Applications

Shortened production times and increased part quality start with the injection molding stage in CIM and MIM applications. The unique thermal simulation of SIGMASOFT® helps you selecting the best thermal concept and reducing cycle time, while the rheological models specifically developed for MIM simulation mark the difference in accuracy and reliability of the flow prediction.

Multicomponent Applications

Multi-component molding brings a number of new challenges to the ones already implicit in conventional injection molding: does one component get re-melted during over-molding? Are surface defects to be expected? What is the overall process time? How could savings be achieved? Discover how SIGMASOFT® can help you to answer these and other questions.

Integrative Simulation

Conventional failure analysis of mechanically loaded components is unable to consider fiber orientations and other anisotropies induced by the molding process. The integration of injection molding and crash simulation offers the possibility to make development processes more efficient, significantly improve component quality and reduce over dimensioning.