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Road to Success: Using Different Approaches to Tackle Problems

The mission statement above in combination with the unique simulation product has gained eight "industry firsts" since the company was founded. SIGMA Engineering GmbH was established in 1998 and has experienced tremendous growth and success.

SIGMASOFT 3.5  presented a paradigm shift in the simulation of injection moulding processes:
1998    SIGMASOFT 3.5   

  • 3D flow simulation of polymer melt based on complete 3D Navier Stokes equations
  • 3D thermal simulation of the entire injection mould
  • complete coupling of flow and thermal simulation
  • multi cycle simulation of the transient quasi-stationary temperature distribution of the injection mould during multiple production cycles
  • 3D modeling of inserts
  • modeling of the shear heating for 3D runner balancing
  • modeling of air pressure in the cavity
  • consideration of gravity.
With that, a plastic simulation was finally available that met not only the demands of the geometric complexity of modern plastic injection molded parts but also the various dependencies in the production process. The work until K'2001 mainly included the publication of functionalities for the simulation of reactive polymers (rubbers, elastomers, thermosets, phenolic polymers, PUR, etc).
2001    SIGMASOFT 4.1

  • 3D curing kinetics
  • reactive viscosity models
  • tracer particles to visualize 3D flows

As of 2003, intensive work on the SIGMASOFT thermoplast module has been carried out and a vast number of "industry firsts" in the area of shrinkage and warpage simulation were made available to customers.

2003    SIGMASOFT 4.2

  • 3D fiber orientation
  • 3D stress module for shrinkage and warpage simulation
  • SIGMALink to transfer SIGMASOFT results to structure simulation packages (integrative simulation)

2004    SIGMASOFT 4.3

  • compressible 3D flow simulation during packing   
  • peedup by factor 20, 3D simulations run in less than 24h
  • 3D weldline tracer
  • coupling of 3D packing and 3D stress

2005    SIGMASOFT 4.4

  • 3D crystallization
  • coupling of 3D crystallization and 3D stress
  • high-cooling-rate pvT model
  • 3D multi component module for 2, 3, ... n components
  • 64bit able for Windows and Linux

The complete SIGMASOFT GUI was updated in 2005 and 2006. Including hot runner and multi component functionalities, the developments, again, involved all modules.

2006    SIGMASOFT 4.5

  • GUI update
  • 3D hotrunner module
  • viscosity relaxation model
  • consideration of electrical heater bands

Foundation of SIGMA Plastics Services Inc. in Chicago, Il (USA)

2007    SIGMASOFT 4.6

  • 3D viscoelasticity  
  • automated consideration of shrinkage constraint and stress relaxation in the 3D stress module
  • PID controller for mold temperature control
  • 3D heat treatment of the injection molded part
  • 3D vitrification

2008    SIGMASOFT 4.7

  • 3D ejection simulation
  • 3D remelt functionality
  • 3D cascade injection
  • 3D elongation viscosity (time depending viscosity)
  • 3D thixomoulding

SIGMA is a subsidiary of MAGMA GmbH, Germany's largest developer of CAE software. Run by its owner and committed to consistent enhancements for the customer's advantage, more than 40 software engineers guarantee the development of a trend-setting simulation software. Strategic cooperations with leading research institutions worldwide give our customers the security to work with cutting-edge developments.