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The use of innovative CAE technologies like injection-molding simulation enables manufacturers to drastically reduce their time to market. Capital expenditures required for mold making and overall product development costs can be significantly reduced. SIGMASOFT® is the most accurate 3D Polymer System Simulation software in the market.


  • Steady state mold temperature
  • Mold filling
  • Cooling
  • Shearing rates
  • Shrinkage & warpage

Multi-cycle simulation

Temperature distribution of mold insert, cooling channel, ejector pins and part during 9 cycle multi-cycle simulation and an entire cycle with filling simulation; each cycle consists of mold preparation, filling and packing phase

Weld line tracer

Tracers are automatically generated inside a weld line; this enables an accurate weld line evaluation

Melt volumes

Melt Volume result visualizes liquid areas with (red) and without (blue) packing pressure efficiency, solidified areas are transparent.

Tracer particles

Tracer particles during filling phase visualize melt movement behind the melt front, tracer particles during packing phase visualize melt movement caused by packing pressure