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Elastomers & Silicones

The use of innovative CAE technologies like injection-molding simulation enables manufacturers to drastically reduce their time to market. Capital expenditures required for mold making and overall product development costs can be significantly reduced. SIGMASOFT® is the most accurate 3D Polymer System Simulation software in the market.


  • Steady state mold temperature
  • Heater controlled by PI controller
  • Cold-runner functionality
  • Cascade Injection
  • Multi component simulation
  • Mold filling
  • Shear imbalances
  • Curing reaction / cross linking
  • 2nd heating cycle

Temperature Part

Temperature of metal insert and melt during filling

Temperature Mould

Temperature distribution of cold-runner, mold and polymer during filling and heating phase

Shear-Rate influence

Polymer specific shear heating effects causes an imbalanced filling pattern in a naturally balanced runner


Polymer curing reaction during in-mold heating phase: the part does not fully cure, a second heating cycle is necessary to cure the part completely