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Fiber orientation

SIGMASOFT® three dimensionally calculates the local distribution of the fibers in the volume model during the filling, packing, and cooling phase. This is necessary because of the applied pressure in the packing phase, the fiber orientation can change compared to the filling phase.

Precise input data is especially important for further FE calculations within an integrative simulation. For that, SIGMASOFT® can provide the fiber orientation or even a complete anisotropic material model as input parameter (see also SIGMAlink).

The calculations were validated based on measurements and micrographs.

The example shows the different orientation degrees in colors. 0.33 means the minimum (blue), that is, orientation at random; the fibers in the areas shown in red are well oriented.

A further example shows the differences in the fiber orientation due to the fluid flow effects during packing.

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Figure 1: Micrograph

Figure 2: This example shows the influence of a weld line on the fiber orientation

Figure 3: Part in clipping mode. Fiber orientation inside the part, fibers as vector

Figure 4: End of filling

Figure 5: During ejection